About Us

Hey There Adventurer!

Here at Resolute Wild we believe in the Outdoors. We believe in the Wild and all that that encompasses. Does that mean you have to be an expert mountaineer or world renowned explorer to be here? Not at all! We're for everyone. If the wild to you means a walk along the beach with your fluffy four-legged friend, we love it. If it means a quick weekend camping trip with your family, we adore it. If it means that you're planning to summit Kilimanjaro, we absolutely dig it! (But seriously that sounds hectic dude, good luck!)
We started out small, like a teeny little mustard seed, but we've grown and will continue to aspire to become a towering goliath of the forest (perhaps a certain South American rainforest? Who knows!) 
But seriously, we're just here to help you and your mates (fluffy and four-legged or not) have a good time in the outdoors. Our products are simple and straightforward, there's no nonsense and tomfoolery here, (ok maybe a little bit of tomfoolery, but only the good kind).